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DASH IV Therapy

Whether you are battling seasonal allergies, feeling drained from dehydration, or just need a boost of energy to get through the week, our IV therapies deliver the nutrients and medicine your body needs directly to your bloodstream, which means it works faster for instant results. Depending on your chosen treatment, your IV may contain a combination of saline, Vitamins B & C, calcium, antioxidants, magnesium, and specific medications. These ingredients work together to hydrate the body and target your tissues so you begin to feel the refreshing results as soon as possible. DASH IV therapies are offered for in-office and mobile appointments to fit your busy schedule. 

DASH IV Therapy

IV therapies are used to treat everything from athletic performance recovery to cold & flu relief to hangovers, as well as administering medications for a stronger or more immediate result. Patients enjoy IV therapy benefits, including immune support, heightened energy, hydration, and nutrient enrichment. Most IV therapy sessions last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. Since the nutrients are delivered straight to the bloodstream, most patients feel the effects immediately.

IV Therapy Treatments & Benefits

IV Therapy Infusions

Vitamin C/B complex


Hydration Blend


Vitamin C/B complex

Immunity Booster

Vitamin B12

Energy Booster

B complex

Amino Acids

Vitamin B12

Skin/Hair/Nails Rejuvenation

Vitamin C



Fountain of Youth

NAD+ Coenzyme with Amino Acids

Book online or text 832-957-2644 to schedule your at-home or in-office appointment, and let us help you feel and be your best!

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