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Dr. Blocker

Isn’t it time you said goodbye to long ER wait times, inconvenient scheduling, and rushed appointments? At DASH Health, we believe your doctor should meet your needs on your time. Led by Dr. Gina Blocker, DASH Health provides top-rated concierge medicine and urgent care services in Houston, Texas. DASH Health serves patients through convenient telehealth calls, welcoming in-office visits, and even at-home mobile appointments. Discover the power of having expert care at your fingertips. Experience what convenient, compassionate, personalized urgent care is all about.

Non-Member Urgent Care Visit

Dash Members


An experienced emergency room physician, Dr. Gina is no stranger to jumping into action to serve her patients. After years of working in the fast-paced Emergency Department, she decided to slow down and work with patients on a more personal level. Through her concierge medicine practice, she can offer one-on-one tailored appointments to dive into her patients' needs and elevate their health to the next level. She’s ready to serve you — anywhere, anytime.

Dr. Gina Blocker


Concierge medicine delivers convenient and affordable membership plans that give you direct access to your doctor when and where you need them. When we say direct access, we really mean it! Our members enjoy benefits like telehealth appointments within the hour and a direct line to their doctor to answer any follow-up questions. Options for virtual, office, home, and even work visits truly put you in control of your health and your schedule at the times you need it most.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Experience direct access to your doctor anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of telehealth, mobile appointments, and in-office visits. 

Benefits of Our Premier Concierge Urgent Care Memberships 

What would it mean for your health and peace of mind to know your doctor always had your back and could be there to help at a moment’s notice? Here at DASH Health, our patients are more than a number in a waiting room. Our team forms personal connections to better understand your needs and deliver the elevated healthcare you deserve.

No-wait urgent care visits

Enjoy Member Benefits Including

Preventative health & wellness care

Same-day urgent care appointments with online self-scheduling 

Direct doctor access 24/7 via text, phone, or email

Tailored concierge membership plans

One-on-one personalized care with your doctor 

Check out the employee-centric benefit plans we offer for small business owners.

Looking for Employee Care Memberships?

DASH Health offers the full range of the preventative and urgent care services you’d expect, plus so much more. Our friendly team can help you combat your cold before it takes over your week, conduct your child’s sports physical before tryouts, and run to your aid when a slip turns into a sprain.

Our Services

Isn’t it time you felt and performed your best? Discover IV therapies designed to boost your energy and immunity or rejuvenate your hair, skin, and nails. 

Refresh and Revitalize with New IV Therapies

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